10 Outdoor Room Design Tips

  1. CONVENIENCE. If you can see and access it easily from the inside, you are more likely to use it. Locate the kitchen and the dining room near the kitchen and entertainment areas close to the family and living rooms. To destinations such as the swimming pools, make sure that you easily crossed the paths to get there with supplies.
  2. SHELTER. In a hot climate, you’ll enjoy the shade created by mature trees and structures such as pergolas, awnings and umbrellas shade. Those with surfaces that fall from the rain can save part of an unexpected shower. The walls, fences and hedges can provide effective windbreaks.
  3. PUBLIC SERVICES. Even if you don’t use them initially, installation of conduits of water, electricity and gas before the laying of pavement will save money and headaches of building later. Limiting public services will also reduce costs, as well as the use of portable propane tanks to grids of charcoal on the patios located further away from home.
  4. Environment. Patios and outdoor rooms are places of relaxation, so casual and comfortable appointments. Include the amenities you want and the most need, be it a hammock, a home or a fully equipped outdoor kitchen.
  5. LIGHTING. The most welcoming outdoor spaces present a mixture of functional lighting and accent. The spot lights illuminate dining kitchen and bathroom areas. Ambient lighting will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Lighting of the path and the market will allow you to safely move you. And the spotlight can highlight special items such as elements of water, sculptures or plantations which give a space character.
  6. NOISE. Sometimes, it’s nice to hear the sounds of a neighborhood. Other times, you really need something more soothing. A fountain will almost always do.
  7. PRIVACY. If you prefer not to have neighbors or passers-by listening to your conversations or by checking what’s for supper, look at your terrace with hedges, trees, mixed plantations, walls, fences or mesh. And don’t forget air screening. A pergola or fabric canopies will allow to block views of the bridges of the neighbors and upstairs windows.
  8. DURABILITY. Choose materials that will not rust, do not rot, do not deform, do not take themselves off, don’t crack or do not fade. Choose furniture, lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and kitchen cabinets and outdoor appliances specifically designed and approved for use outdoors.
  9. RAIN. Paths, terrace floors, suspended structures and external cabinets must be designed so that the water runs off. Patios, pool terraces and other paved surfaces may also require drainage systems.
  10. WINTER. In cold climates, the pipes water and gas must be turned off when the temperature drops. Make the shut-off valves easily accessible will simplify the rainy season. In addition, choose furniture that are designed for outdoor use year-round, or are light enough to move indoors for the winter. Plan in advance for the convenient storage of the cushions, furniture and outdoor accessories.